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Lawn and plant log book. Keep a journal of all your yard maintenance in this 6 x 9 book.

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Authors R.C. Pryce & Vivian S. Doey


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This is a comical 'coming of age' tale about a little Cow stepping into the adult world. Ms Moo Dawna Pattymaker unexpectedly meets the bullshooter of her dreams while taking the necessary steps toward maturity. She has much to learn about the 'meaning' behind each step and about herself.


This is a story about a mouse that is about to lose his people, and how he goes about to keep them. Also included is the Alphabet from A to Z, (with pictures) and a few Nursery Rhymes.


Log all your lawn and plant maintenance in this 6 x 9 journal.


Sudoku - 240 easy puzzles that comes with the solutions.


Here's a years worth of Diabetic records along with your blood pressure logs. This book is a 6 x 9 paperback that will travel with you anywhere.


Things you'd find in the outdoors is what you'll find in this word search. From the ocean to the wide open prairie fields. 


In all things there is beauty. It need only be looked for in some. And readily found in others. Our life will be more beautiful if you are looking for beauty. For the corruption is found in the looking for corruption.


Log all your fishing adventures in this handy 6 x 9 journal. Record the size, weight, location, time and date of all those adventures..


If you want to draw, doodle, sketch or just scribble, you can do it in this 6 x 9 journal.


Sudoku - 240 normal puzzles along with the solutions.


This book contains one hundred rectangular, circular and hexagonal puzzles.The book is a 6 x 9 size in paperback.


Sudoku - 1280 Hard Puzzles all in a 6 x 9 paperback book. Solutions are included.




RC Pryce has been a logger, trapper, hunter, fisherman and an outdoors man for many years. He has lived in the bush with his family without power, running water and telephone in the Cariboo region of British Columbia. He has walked the walk, so follow him in this wild fictional adventure as North America is brought to it's knees by the acts of unknown terrorists, in his first novel.... Mode: Survival  Whatever it Takes, followed by Mode: Survival  Their first Winter.


Vivian S. Doey was born fifth in a family of eleven children. She was raised in Northern Ontario for the majority of her childhood and then teen years and on to her now 'older' age, in and around the gorgeous Okanagan Valley. She is an adventurous spirit, bubbly and vibrant as are her siblings which isn't surprising since her Finnish Mother and Irish Father were as well. Viv's adult life has been an exciting one of murals, window art, marionette puppet making, performing, and teaching Art as a Therapy to students of all ages, particularly those young at heart who understand the power behind good clean humor. Vivian is a humorist, and it shows in her writing, from her first book 'My First Brazzzeer' to her latest series of books about 'Ms. Moo Dawna Pattymaker'. (It's the story of a cow coming 'of age') Vivian characterizes herself though the essence of Moo Dawna, as well, all other characters in the series carry the comical traits of her siblings and life time friends. Life has been full of 'lip-ups', marred feelings, stumbling blocks, and 'the quivers' and Viv has implemented as much of these and many other relics from fragments of her life as possible. If the Good Lord is willing, she just may have created her own Moo Dawna library when all is said and her, that alone would be a wonderful legacy to leave behind in this chaotic troubled world. Laughter is her greatest 'forte' and Vivian exercises it very well.

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Richard K. Doey was born in 1949 to country folk living in Northern Ontario. Richard is the eldest of eleven children. The only son. His inspiration to write came from an English teacher during his high school years. Moved by the love of his wife, Richard was inspired to document his vision of life through verse. A family man with a 'down home' respect for things that matter. He's spent most of his life working in the construction trade. His joy stems greatly from riding those open roads on his motorcycle with that same lady riding in the seat behind him with her arms wrapped confidently around his waist. Richard is now retired, living in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia...and that same lady remains at his side; living proof...romance goes a long way.


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